söndag 20 oktober 2013

Svenska tjejer

Den här tråden, på CouchSurfing.org, som startades av amerikanen som vill gifta sig med en vacker svensk tjej, är underbar. Det är dels gulligt, dels underhållande.

Lite längre ner beskriver en kille från Costa Rica de svenska tjejerna så här:

"I hate to be the one who disagrees but after being in Sweden for 1.5 years I have concluded that when it comes to Swedish girls they are highly overrated. Why?
-Most of them are not natural blondes
-They are only friendly when they are drunk (and they can drink a lot).
-they are narrow minded when it comes to meet ppl from other nationalities even though they are used to travel abroad since short age.
- youngsters seem to be insanely obsessed with fashion even though they dress nearly the same.
Most of them are pretty looking, I cannot deny it but their heads are mostly empty.

My comment is of course too general and do not discriminate age. "

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